Communication is the key to resolution and peace.
Experienced mediators can provide that key.


Marital Conflicts

Whether your marriage is "just" in trouble or you think it’s on the brink of divorce, whether you need restoration or a fair separation, we can help. With our years of professional mediation and marriage conciliation experience combined with our knowledge of family law, we can help you explore options that lead to a brighter future.

Family Troubles

Too many times conflicts within an organization, a church or a family, can escalate and even end up in court unnecessarily. There is a better way. Our experienced mediators and Christian Conciliators help parties in conflict to participate in their own resolution in an informal, biblically based, Christ centered, collaborative setting.

Civil & Commercial Disputes

In a world surrounded by people, conflict is messy, inconvenient, costly, uncomfortable and unfortunately – unavoidable. If you are in the midst of something that can no longer be ignored or don’t have the power to change on your own, we are here to help through consulting, conflict coaching, mediation, or arbitration.