The Costs
The Peacemaking Process

Fee Structure

We provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services as a way to avoid going to court. When considering ADR it’s important to keep in mind the comparative costs of litigation as well as the scope and features of various providers.

Heading to Court

Conflict to Peace ADR 

Each party hires a lawyer by retainer, typically ranging from $5,000 to $8,000 and above. This is held in trust as a deposit for future services that will typically be billed at hourly rates of $350 to $600.

Every photocopy, fax and phone call that a lawyer’s office makes is deducted from the retainer as an actual cost, plus time spent – in 6 minute increments.

A lawyer must prepare a case for a hearing and will request documents, testimony, and other materials from the other attorney. This exchange of information is called discovery and usually eats up most legal fees.

It’s not unusual to learn that the deposit has been spent well before appearing in court. Requests for more deposits come as a shock – but happen frequently. The lack of direct contact or real progress often leads to conflict between lawyers and clients!

Court decisions will disappoint one side to a conflict and attempts to overturn, disregard or appeal such decisions continue the cycle of cost and delay.

Attorneys, while welcome, are not required in mediation. They may be consulted at any time including prior to signing any agreement.

At Conflict to Peace, we exclusively use teams of two, experienced mediators. For marital and family disputes (like child custody) – a woman and a man.

Individual meetings (intakes) are held with each party and the mediator team. These last up to two hours and allow both parties the opportunity to confidentially share why they think they are in conflict and what they would like to see going forward.

Following the intakes, a mediation is held where everyone attends to explore creative approaches to meet all needs.

We charge $300 per hour for the team during the mediation session. (You can opt to use a single mediator at a rate of $225 per hour). Lower hourly fees apply for intakes and agreement drafts.

As a non-profit firm, we also offer a sliding fee schedule based on family income (subject to verification).

Conflict to Peace offers many forms of ADR – all of which require different skill sets and which are subject to different fees.

Conflict Coaching or Consulting, in which we assist one party to assess the dispute and fashion a strategy to approach the other side and to explore ways of reaching peace without the involvement of anyone else – $150.00 per hour. If coaching results in the other party agreeing to mediate, any difference in rates will be credited back.

Conciliation Services, in which we assist parties who truly want to pursue relationship restoration and reconciliation but are unable to do so on their own – 10% discount1 on our normal mediation fees.

Mediation Services, in which mediator teams confidentially meet with each side in advance (intakes), in joint session to assist in collaboratively reaching settlement and then draft that agreement. Services are billed based on the stage of the proceeding – $300 per 2-hour intake plus a $50 case administration fee; $300 per hour in joint sessions2; and $150 per hour drafting time. Family and marital cases employ a woman/man mediator team.

Hybrid Mediation/Arbitration or Arbitration Services, in which we help resolve or narrow the issues with any remaining presented in a hearing prior to making a binding decision. This service is subject to a number of factors (i.e. number of parties, issues, amount in controversy, number of arbitrators, etc.) – contact us for a Market Price.

A 20% surcharge is applied to hourly rates for in-person meetings held on weekends and holidays or outside normal business hours (9 to 6). Fees are based on the published rate when a case begins. Cases that are resumed after a three-month period of inactivity are billed at the then prevailing rate.

Reduced fees and payment plans are available for those with limited incomes or faced with unusual financial hardship upon presentation of documentation. Contact our office to learn more.

We partner with some Employee Assistance Programs by offering a discount1 to our published rates. Please check with your Human Resources Department.

The above rates are effective as of September 1, 2017.

We accept personal checks and credit cards

1 Discounts cannot be combined
2 Parties may opt to meet with a single mediator for $225 per hour. All other rates remain the same.

As a pastor, it was a huge relief to know that two families from my church were working through issues in a God-honoring way.

Communication is the key to resolution and peace. Experienced mediators can provide that key.