The Process
Our Approach to Peacemaking

“Relationship before Issues…”

Conflict often has an underlying relationship component in addition to the presenting issue(s). Unlike most mediation firms, our approach is to deal with both by
  • – Facilitating effective communication between parties to promote understanding
  • – Drawing out the underlying reasons for the conflict
  • – Dismantling barriers to constructive change
  • – Guiding and encouraging them toward resolution

Applying Biblical Principles of Conflict Resolution

Foundational to such principles include honesty, personal responsibility, respect, transparency, and vulnerability. The process provides parties the opportunity to achieve resolution and reconciliation at the lowest possible level of formality and outside influences. We will consider accepting any case regardless of the religious convictions of the parties, provided they are willing to respect these basic principles common to all communities of faith.

Resolving the Causes of Conflict

Mediation is a voluntary process that allows participants to reach a mutually agreeable resolution with the assistance of an impartial facilitator (the mediator). An important Conflict to Peace distinctive is our use of a male/female team of mediators, in marital cases. Our process focuses on the root causes of the conflict. It is collaborative rather than adversarial, encouraging each party to accept his or her responsibility for the problem and for its solution. Parties are free to make their own decisions as they are guided through the process. We encourage parties to identify and deal with root causes of conflict as an essential element in reaching a lasting resolution of their conflict as well as reducing the potential for future conflicts. Our services include conflict coaching for individuals uncertain how to approach a dispute, mediation, arbitration or a combination thereof.

As a pastor, it was a huge relief to know that two families from my church were working through issues in a God-honoring way.

Communication is the key to resolution and peace. Experienced mediators can provide that key.