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Eric Newton

Eric Newton is thrilled to become the Chief Executive Officer at Conflict to Peace. Eric joined Conflict to Peace as a Christian conciliator/mediator in 2019, and was asked to be a member of the Conflict to Peace Board in 2020. Eric has a passion to help people understand each other in a God-honoring biblical way. He has a heart to assist those in relationships to be able to communicate more effectively and learn productive conflict resolution skills.

Eric has been a mediator since 2008. Eric was a volunteer and consultant trainer/coach for Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) in Chicago. He helped to establish the Volunteer Council, a board that liaises between CCR staff and volunteers.

Eric is a Virginia Supreme Court-certified mediator for General District Court and Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court. Eric just left the board at NVMS Conflict Resolution Center and is currently an active Restorative Justice facilitator in the Alternative Accountability Program (AAP) of Fairfax County.

In addition, Eric is a Small Claims courts-trained mediator with the Multi-Door Resolution Division, Washington, D.C.

Eric serves as a volunteer facilitator/trainer for internationals with T.I.P.S. (Truro International Programs & Services) at Truro Anglican Church.

Since June 2020, Eric and his wife Karen have actively pursued racial reconciliation through a weekly multi-racial study group. Eric was a panelist on a racial reconciliation seminar that reached over 150 people in January 2021.

Eric holds a master’s degree in intercultural relations with an emphasis in conflict resolution from University of the Pacific and is trained in Christian Conciliation.

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