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In a small percentage of cases, when parties have been unable to resolve their dispute through mediation, they may voluntarily allow an impartial panel to make a legally binding decision through arbitration. Unlike mediation, but like a court decision, this process results in less control and ownership of the decision by the parties – but it is ideal when an agreeable resolution cannot be reached otherwise. The benefits include a fair and impartial decision; privacy; and a savings in cost and time.

Arbitration is a voluntary process, which parties elect by inclusion of an arbitration clause in a contract, or by mutual submission.

Arbitration is a more formal process involving hearings during which each party involved in a dispute is given the opportunity to present evidence, sworn testimony and argument in support of their position. While not required, attorneys may represent parties.

Conflict to Peace arbitrations are conducted under the Rules of Procedure For Christian Conciliation (ICC Rules Link) promulgated by the Institute for Christian Conciliation (ICC Peace Link).

You can begin an arbitration by using these forms (scroll to bottom of linked Forms page).

Mediation/Arbitration (Med-Arb) is a combination of mediation and arbitration in which parties agree in advance, either by a typical biblical dispute resolution clause incorporating the ICC Rules or mutual submission, that they will attempt to resolve the dispute with the assistance of a mediator but, failing that, those aspects of the conflict that remain unresolved will be submitted to arbitration for a final and binding decision. You may determine at the outset of the process whether the same individual(s) who mediated will serve as arbitrator(s) or if another individual, or panel of three, will be used. New arbitrators will be appointed unless all parties agree to use the same individuals that served as mediators.

A sample Med/Arb agreement may be viewed here

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…I was so impressed with how you handled our time together. No matter what was said from either [my wife] or me it was evident that you weren't jumping on either bandwagon but diligently worked in a gracious way to lead us to resolutions and to a degree a greater understanding of Christ and the gospel throughout the process. I'm sure it takes tremendous gifting and skill to do what you do and I just want to encourage you that your artful abilities were shining through.

Grace filled communication is the key to resolution and peace. Our experienced conciliators provide that key.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105 (KJV)