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Conflict Coaching


Sometimes you find yourself in a place where you just don’t know how to finally address a conflict. Your difficulties might be based on relationship issues, the willingness of the other party to engage, your own apprehension about addressing conflict, or a host of other reasons.

To clients in this state we offer personalized guidance in the form of Conflict Coaching.

Our goal is to help you get to the root of what drives your choices; to communicate effectively; and to dismantle any barriers to constructive change, so that a conflict can be addressed in a healthy, non-adversarial manner. Our coaching is based on Biblical principles that promote understanding, personal responsibility, justice, and reconciliation.

Those we have coached tell us that we provided valuable guidance in their pursuit of peace, whether it be in a marriage, a family, a business partnership, employment, commercial, church or other setting. Oftentimes the tools acquired through coaching enables clients to avoid litigation, arbitration or mediation, and reach a resolution without the involvement of any third party. They also tell us they have found conflict coaching to be an effective alternative to individual counseling when dealing with conflict.

Our coaching principles are followed in all of our conflict resolution processes to promote collaboration and to provide a better foundation for the future of your relationship. Sometimes, for example, our coaching equips a spouse to finally address the conflict within a family and channel everyone’s attention away from each another and toward a mediator for assistance. In these instances, the Conflict Coaching session will then be treated as a mediation intake session – saving time and costs.

Please call us with any questions or to arrange an initial, free consultation. We can evaluate your situation and recommend a specific approach that best suits the nature of the conflict and the needs and beliefs of all of the participants. You then decide for yourself how you wish to proceed.

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…I was so impressed with how you handled our time together. No matter what was said from either [my wife] or me it was evident that you weren't jumping on either bandwagon but diligently worked in a gracious way to lead us to resolutions and to a degree a greater understanding of Christ and the gospel throughout the process. I'm sure it takes tremendous gifting and skill to do what you do and I just want to encourage you that your artful abilities were shining through.

Grace filled communication is the key to resolution and peace. Our experienced conciliators provide that key.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105 (KJV)