Overview of Services
How we can help and whom we serve

Let us guide you from Conflict to Peace

We live in a world surrounded by people. Conflict is messy, inconvenient, costly, uncomfortable and, unfortunately, unavoidable. If you are in the midst of something that can no longer be ignored or you don't have the power to change it on your own, we are here to help. We’re not counselors or legal advisors – we are peacemakers.

Our Dispute Resolution Services:
We provide a full range of professional dispute resolution services including:
  • Guidance to individuals in how to deal with conflict personally and privately (Conflict Coaching)
  • Mediation, conciliation and arbitration of disputes
  • Marriage and other interpersonal conciliation
  • Consultation and intervention in conflicts
  • Training individuals and organizations in how to deal with and resolve conflict
  • Assistance to businesses in using dispute resolution clauses in their contracts
  • Education in the biblical model for conflict resolution and reconciliation
  • Development and coordination of congregational peacemaking programs
  • Expertise in military separation and retirement issues
Conflicts We Have Helped Resolve:
A few of the conflict situations we deal with include:
  • Business / Insurance
  • Family / Marital / Post-Marital
    - relationship preservation and restoration
    - parenting, separation, divorce, custody,
      support, and equitable distribution
    - parent / child
    - elder care and estate issues
  • Workplace
  • Commercial
  • Church / Ministry
  • Interpersonal
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Intellectual Property
  • Consumer
  • Neighborhood

Regions served by Conflict to Peace

We serve the entire Northern Virginia and Metropolitan Washington DC areas. We also serve clients beyond this region who travel to our office or cover the costs of our travel to their location.